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About We Like Talent

Our platform helps Talent Acquisition specialists with generating actionable candidate feedback and measuring Candidate Experience.

We Like Talent will also help you generate Candidate Referrals and improve your public Glassdoor Ratings, which boosts your Employer brand.


Our ready-to-use process to Candidate Experience excellence

We have identified 6 steps for creating a successful Candidate Experience strategy:

  • Start generating actionable candidate feedback
  • Collect and display this feedback in a way it makes sense
  • Define and prioritise the improvement that has the most impact
  • Prepare a case to show the benefit of this improvement to the hiring team
  • Implement the improvement with the biggest impact
  • Measure – and show the impact of the improvement you have implemented to your hiring team

How our platform helps you improve the Candidate Experience

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Start generating Actionable Candidate Feedback instantly.

No need to create a Survey from scratch as we have already done this for you. You are however able to customise it to your needs.

The design and format of our Dynamic Candidate Survey is based on experience gathered from thousands of conversations with candidates over the last 15+ years

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Our intelligent Candidate Survey leads ‘candidates with a positive experience’ through a different path of questions from ‘candidates with a negative experience’.

These separate question paths are designed to:

  • Find out what has most impact on the Candidate Experience
  • Generate Candidate Referrals and boost Glassdoor Ratings
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What you will get from us:

  • Candidate Feedback in easy-to-read Dashboards
  • Your Candidate Net Promotor Score which improvement to prioritise
  • Candidate Referrals
  • Positive Glassdoor Interview ratings

We have helped many top companies with their hiring

Our pricing

We like to keep it simple

Monthly Price

€ 29 / per user

  • Unlimited Surveys (Customisable)
  • Analytics (including Dashboards)
  • Automated Referral requests
  • Works easily together with your ATS
  • Ongoing support
  • Dedicated Candidate Experience Specialist

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  1. You will get a unique URL to your online Candidate Survey that can be added to the automatic emails that are triggered by your ATS. The Candidate Feedback will automatically be collected for you in the background, no manual activity is needed.
  2. The feedback that we generate for you is displayed in easy-to-read dashboards showing actionable data that you can use to improve the Candidate Experience as well as the Candidate Net Promoter Score.
  3. We pro-actively help with finding solutions for the issues that we help to uncover.
  4. We show you why candidates reject your offers and why they withdraw from your recruiting process
  5. We actively generate candidate referrals and boost public Glassdoor ratings
In short: We help you create a best-in-class Candidate Experience, which will lead to superior hiring results, while you keep focussing on your core job.
Our easy-to-read Dashboards show you which element of your hiring process has the most negative effect on the Candidate Experience. We also show you what exactly is causing this negative experience, which gives you real and actionable data to show your hiring manager or stakeholder. You can filter down on office location and department level, which gives you the tools to pinpoint issues in the different recruiting processes within your organisation and come up with effective solutions.
Example 1

 Berlin office - Engineering Department:

Candidate Net Promoter Score for this department: -7 The biggest negative impact on the Candidate Experience is caused by our "Technical Test".
  • 25 candidates mentioned the Technical Test as the main reason for not having a great experience.
  • Out of these 25 candidates, 18 have said that the fact that they "could not use their own technical environment" is the main reason.
Suggested Solutions:
  • Engage with the hiring manager from this department to see if changes could be made to the test.
  • Inform candidates at an earlier stage (before the test is conducted) about this and qualify if, how and why this could be an issue for the candidate.
  Example 2

Barcelona office - Marketing Department:

Candidate Net Promoter Score for this department: + 27 The biggest negative impact on the Candidate Experience is caused by "the way our interviewers conduct the interviews".
  • 17 candidates mentioned this as the main reason for not having a great experience.
  • Out of these 17 candidates, 10 have said that "the interviewers seemed unprepared" for the interview.
Suggested solution:
  • Explain the interviewers of this department that they need to read a CV before the interview starts and have an understanding of the profile of the candidate. Also explain to them that they need to be able to give candidates a clear explanation of the position, the work environment and company culture.

Our Candidate Survey that is more than a request for feedback

We have built our online Survey to get the maximum benefit out of this candidate contact moment, by separating candidates who had a positive experience from the candidates who did not have a great experience.
We lead both groups of candidates through different paths:
  • Candidates who had an "average" or "negative" experience: 
           We pinpoint which element had the most impact on the Candidate Experience.
  • Candidates who had a "positive" experience:
           Are requested for a Candidate Referral and a Glassdoor interview review (all automated)
Besides candidate insights, you will also generate referrals (which will lower your candidate sourcing costs) and your public glassdoor interview ratings will go up (direct effect on your public employer brand)
  You can customise the Candidate Survey to adjust it to your organisation and specific needs.
A good candidate experience enhances the employer brand even when candidates are not hired. Besides employees and customers, candidates in your recruiting process have the biggest effect on how you are perceived as an employer. Offering a great experience to your candidates has the quickest effect on your employer brand (positive or negative). We automatically request candidates, who loved your recruiting process, for a Glassdoor review. Which will boost your public ratings and create a visible advantage for attracting stronger candidates.
Our process and solution our fully GDPR compliant. The Candidate Feedback Survey is completely anonymous and NO personal candidate data is saved anywhere. Our privacy policy: privacy policy

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