Claude Loeffen

About Claude Loeffen

Our We Like Talent founder. Born in the Netherlands, he started his Recruitment career in London in 2006. Part of his journey was building his own Technical Recruitment Business "Nederlia" in 2013 in Barcelona. Although a recruiter at heart he has picked up web development skills along the way. “I have been lucky to have had the chance to work with many innovating companies like, Spotify, Skyscanner, Thoughtworks and many more. Combining this experience with the thousands of candidates we have worked with over the years gave us valuable insights into the kind of issues that occur in Recruitment processes. Especially the Candidate Experience (and the lack thereof) is something that has always fascinated me. I am a firm believer of: “who you hire defines your business success as much as your customers do”. So knowing this makes me wonder why we are not focussing on creating an experience for our candidates like we do for our customers. About myself: "I have worked with so many fantastic Talent Acquisition people over the years and have seen with my own eyes how difficult it is to, not only generate actionable candidate feedback. But also to prioritise what improvement has most impact on the Candidate Experience and how to get the complete hiring team and stakeholders to back up your suggestion for a change.”